The Call for Action and Policy Demands, developed by the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE), is open to endorsements and have been endorsed by:

European organisations:

  1. Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN)
  2. European Network for the Promotion of Rights and Health amongst Migrant Sex Workers (TAMPEP)
  3. La Strada International – European Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings
  4. International Planned Parenthood Federation – European Network (IPPF-EN)
  5. European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG)
  6. AIDS Action Europe
  7. ILGA Europe
  8. Transgender Europe (TGEU)
  9. Trans United Europe
  10. European Network of People who Use Drugs (EuroNPUD)
  11. Correlation European Harm Reduction Network
  12. Africa Advocacy Foundation
  13. HIV Justice Network
  14. AFEW International
  15. International HIV Partnerships
  16. Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity – ECOM

National organisations:

  1. Acceptess Transgenre, France
  3. AIDES, France
  4. AIDSFONDS, Netherlands
  5. APDES – Agência Piaget Para o Desenvolvimento, Portugal
  7. American Jewish World Society
  9. ARAS – Romanian Association Against AIDS, Romania
  10. ARIKA, UK
  11. Asociacion de Profesionales del Sexo, Spain
  12. Asociatia MozaiQ LGBT, Romania
  13. Associação Existências, Portugal
  14. Associação Novo Olhar II, Portugal
  15. Association for harm reduction Stigma, Slovenia
  16. Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti, Italy
  17. ASUD, France
  18. Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)
  19. Ban Ying e.V, Germany
  20. BCA, Germany
  21. Beratungsstelle Pia, Austria
  22. Berlin Collective Action, Germany
  23. Berlin Strippers Collective, Germany
  24. BesD, Germany
  25. Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, openDemocracy, United Kingdom
  26. CABIRIA, France
  27. CAT Social Cooperative, Italy
  28. Caso, Portugal
  29. Centre for Gender Studies, University of Sussex, UK
  30. Chembrothers initiative group, Ukraine
  31. Chemfriendly, Norway
  32. Club Eney, Ukraine
  33. Colectivo de Prostitutas de Sevilla, Spain
  34. Collectif des Femmes de Strasbourg Saint Denis, France
  35. Coloured Collective, Netherlands
  36. Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute Onlus, Italy
  37. Comite de Apoyo a las Trabajadoras del Sexo (CATS), Spain
  38. Count Me In! Consortium, Netherlands
  39. CRESCER, Portugal
  40. Dance with Pride, Netherlands
  41. Drug Policy Network South East Europe, Serbia
  42. English Collective of Prostitutes, UK
  43. Equality Movement, Georgia
  44. Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS, Georgia
  45. Fairspace, Netherlands
  46. Fédération Parapluie Rouge, France
  47. Feminist Initiative Finland
  48. Feminist Ire, Ireland
  49. Feminists Against Censorship, UK
  50. FIZ Fachstelle Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration, Switzerland
  51. Forum Droghe, Italy
  52. Foreningen for kjønns- og seksualitetsmangfold – Association for gender and sexual diversity, Norway
  53. FTS, Finland
  54. Fuckförbundet, Sweden
  55. Fundação Portuguesa “A Comunidade Contra a SIDA”, Portugal
  56. Global Fund for Women
  57. Gruppo di Ricerca Italiano su Prostituzione e Lavoro Sessuale, GRIPS, Italy
  58. Grupo partilha d’a vida
  59. HELP, Croatia
  60. Hellenic Liver Patients Association “Prometheus”, Greece
  61. HIV/AIDS ALBANIA, Albania
  62. HivNorway, Norway
  63. Hivpoint, Finland
  64. HOPS-Healthy Options Project Skopje, North Macedonia
  65. HPLGBT, Ukraine
  66. Human to Human Initiative Group, Russia
  67. Hydra e.V., Germany
  68. iBus, Austria
  69. InterAction Suisse, Switzerland
  70. International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC)
  71. Intersex Ireland
  72. Irish Sex Work Research Network, Ireland
  73. Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, UK
  74. La Strada Foundation against Trafficking in Persons and Slavery, Poland
  75. Lecken, Germany
  76. LEFÖ, Austria
  77. LGBT Forum Progress, Montenegro
  78. Liberty the Hague, Netherlands
  79. LILA Onlus – Italian League for Fighting Aids, Italy
  80. LODOTI (Local de Documentation Trans et Intersexe), France
  81. Mama Cash, Netherlands
  82. Médecins du Monde, France
  83. Metzineres. Environments of Shelter for Women who Use Drugs Surviving Violence (ICEERS), Spain
  84. Miss Trans Star International, Spain
  85. Movimento dxs trabalhadorxs do sexo, Portugal
  86. National Ugly Mugs (NUM), UK
  87. NGO Juventas, Montenegro
  88. NGO Re Generation, Serbia
  89. Northern Police Monitoring Project, UK
  90. Nouvelle Aube, France
  91. Offaly Pro Equality Network, Ireland
  92. Ombre Rosse, Italy
  93. OTRAS, Spain
  94. Panteras Rosa – Frente de Combate à LesBiGayTransfobia, Portugal
  95. Paroles Autour de la Santé, Guadeloupe
  96. PeerNUPS, Greece
  97. PION – Sexarbeidernes Interesseorganisasjon, Norway
  98. PLUS – Persone LGBT+ Sieropositive, Italy
  99. Polyvalence, France
  100. Positiiviset ry / HIV Finland, Finland
  101. Positive Voice, Greece
  102. Positive Women, Ukraine
  103. PREKURSOR Foundation for Social Policy, Poland
  104. PrePster, UK
  105. Prevent, Serbia
  106. ProCoRe, Switzerland
  107. Prostitution Information Center (PIC), Netherlands
  108. Pro-tukipiste, Finland
  109. Queer Amnesty, Austria
  110. Radiant Love, Germany
  111. Rainbow Alliance for Democracy and Citizenship / NGO, Turkey
  112. Red Edition, Austria
  113. Red Ribbon Istanbul, Turkey
  114. Rede Sobre Trabalho Sexual – RTS, Portugal
  115. Red Umbrella Fund, Netherlands
  116. Rights4Change, Netherlands
  117. Romanian Harm Reduction Network, Romania
  118. Russian Forum of Sex Workers, Российский Форум секс-работников, Russia
  119. S.A.V.E – Sex workers against violence & exploitation, Netherlands
  120. Seres (con) viver com o VIH, Portugal
  121. SekswerkExpertise, Netherlands
  122. Sex og Politikk (IPPF Norway)
  123. SexPo, Finland
  124. Sex & the City, Italy
  125. Sex Work Call, Romania
  126. SexWoker.AT, Austria
  127. Sex Work Polska, Poland
  128. Sex Work Research Hub, UK
  129. Sex Worker Action Research Project, Netherlands
  130. Sex Workers Alliance Ireland
  131. SHOP, Netherlands
  132. Sindicato OTRAS, Spain
  133. Skeiv Verden, Norway
  134. Soa Aids Nederland, Netherlands
  135. Star-Star, North Macedonia
  136. Stichting Red Insight, Netherlands
  137. Stichting TAMPEP Netherlands
  138. STOP AIDS, Albania
  139. STRASS – Syndicat du travail Sexuel, France
  140. SWARM, UK
  141. The Association for Safer Drug Policies, Norway
  142. The X-talk Project, UK
  143. Trans and Non Binary Migrants, The Netherlands
  144. Trans Coalition on post-Soviet space
  145. Transfeminines – Transfeminiinit ry, Finland
  146. TransgenderNI, Northern Ireland, UK
  147. TransMissão: Associação Trans e Não-Binária, Portugal
  148. Trans*Sexworks, Germany
  149. Trans United Nederlands, Netherlands
  150. Ugly Mugs Ireland
  151. Umbrella Lane, UK
  152. Unis Resist Border Controls, UK
  153. Unite Community -Lambeth & Southwark – London, UK
  154. UTSOPI, Belgium
  155. Verein maiz – Autonomes Zentrum, Austria
  156. Whore Moans, Germany
  157. Whoroscope, Germany
  158. Women and Harm Reduction International Network
  159. XENIA, Fachstelle Sexarbeit, Switzerland
  160. די ראָזעװע פּאַװע pink peacock, UK